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JAM fall salmon skin


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We searched for flour, bartered for yeast, over-stocked on beans. We baked banana bread and sourdough loaves, sprouted green onions by the window, planted basil and tomatoes and eggplants. We disinfected our groceries until we stopped disinfecting our groceries. We debated the health risks and ethics of ordering pizza delivery.

Now, when the pandemic, social justice, racial inequality and climate change are all intersecting, is a moment to make a choice about what we want the world to be when we can come back to it.

All lines converge in food, from who is working in the fields, who is distributing the food, who owns the restaurants, who is cooking the food, who gets credit for the food, who has access to food, who is writing about food and to who they are writing about.

JAM fall clam pasta

Clam pasta made with clams from Luxe Seafood

JAM fall meal khem la

Meal delivered from Khem LA (heirloom tomato salad with dried shrimp, fried fish and rice, sesame panna cotta with brûléed figs)

We can choose to support local, independent restaurants that respect and enrich their neighborhoods. We can support chefs and bakers who have turned to pop-up food businesses, meanwhile enjoying new flavors coming out of personal passion projects. We can support farms and wholesalers that normally supply restaurants, keeping the food chain alive and enjoying top grade sushi at home at the same time. We can support farmworkers who are working through record heat and smoke from fires, restaurant workers who are out of work, grocery workers who aren’t allowed to stop working, and in so doing create a community of mutual aid and care.

We need to support the people and places that we want to exist on the other side of this.

Food Pop-Ups

Khem LA
Set menus of Cambodian food with elevated desserts
Menus and order on Instagram: @Khemla

De Porres
Peruvian and Southern food with seasonal pound cakes and ice creams
Instagram: @de_porres
Order at www.de-porres.com

Eden Batki
A la carte Hungarian food re-imagined
Instagram: @edenbatki
Order at www.edenbatki.minimartapp.com

Le Pollen
Assortment of pantry items along with Korean and French influenced dishes
Menus and order on Instagram: @lepollen.fr

May Provisions
Beautiful cakes with whole-grain flours and seasonal fruit
Instagram: @sashimi1
Menu and order at www.mayprovisions.minimartapp.com

An ever-changing menu of sweets such as cookies, tiramisu, banana pudding
Menus and order on Instagram: @largwa

Brandoni Pepperoni
Pizzas for pick-up in West Hollywood – they sell out fast!
Instagram: @la_brandoni_pepperoni
Menu at www.brandoni-pepperoni.com; text to order

Occasional bake sales to raise funds for charities--for Juneteenth, almost 300 pies sold out in 5 minutes.
Hear about upcoming events on Instagram: @andgatherforgood
Order at: www.andgatherforgood.com

JAM fall luxe seafood pic

Wholesalers Available to Public

Luxe Seafood

Everything seafood you could want, fresh and frozen, home delivery with minimum order amount. E-mail for current price list/order form.
Instagram: @luxeseafood

Sea Stephanie Fish
Santa Barbara sea urchins, abalones, oysters, and extras (duck eggs, fresh wasabi, wine) from local farms. Store goes online Wednesday afternoons with pickup locations in West LA, Newport Beach, and Santa Barbara.
Everything seafood you could want, fresh and frozen, home delivery with minimum order amount. E-mail for current price list/order form.

Farm CSA Boxes

County Live Harvest
https://www.countylineharvest.... at locations throughout Los Angeles and Southern California

Tamai Family Farms
http://www.tamaifamilyfarms.co... selection with multiple pick-up locations on Westside of LA

Suay Sew Shop
Sustainable textile company offering farm boxes including for donation to a garment worker family

Organic Kids LA
Offering home delivery for their school lunches, family dinners and produce boxes

JAM fall pomegranate

Fall harvest pomegranates back in season

Support Farmworkers

United Farm Workers
Learn about new campaigns and how to support farm workers.
Instagram: @ufwupdates

More ways to provide direct aid:

More ways to take action, food-wise:

Written by Krystal Chang



Krystal Chang

Krystal Chang is a writer and designer of flowers, installations, and landscapes in Los Angeles. Her background in architecture and construction informs the spatial quality of her work. She creates bespoke florals for events and clients including Esters Wine Shop, Lunya, Design Within Reach, and Poketo. She designs landscapes for residential and commercial clients with a focus on native and sustainable gardens.
IG: @krystalchang

JAM in House contributpr Christina

Christina Graci is a lover of all things beauty, health and wellness. She has been busy in the industry for 15 years. She is currently doing lots of self care, cooking, and staying active, reconnecting with herself, partner and friends.
IG: @xtinaesthetics

JAM now Triana

Triana Cristobal is an east coast native, west coast transplant. She is a ballerina turned fitness professional. She is also a music maker. You can find her on the dance floor but currently she's back home in nature taking long, beautiful hikes.
IG: @it_me_triana

JAM fall founder whubby

Jeremy and Helen in Oxnard 9/6/20

JAM fall gallery clay hearts

Imogen's clay hearts 9/15/20
(sculpting while studying pop artist Jim Dine in school during studio art class)

Thank you to my daughter, Imogen, and husband, Jeremy, my mom and dad, my friends and family, my JAM team, and especially to all the continuously dedicated healthcare workers, frontline, food banks, farmers, couriers and all the many others helping with economic, racial, gender inequalities, fighting for voting rights and climate change, and creating social justice.